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    Middle School Reading & Math

    The United States Department of Education recently released the results of National Association of Educational Progress (NAEP) testing. The picture it paints of American schools is not encouraging. Outgoing Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said that, “The overall news from this round isn’t good.” Duncan’s statements refer to the nation as a whole, but in North Carolina the results are not that different.

    In North Carolina, 8th grade scores on Reading and Math dropped by four points each. That is a significant decline in overall proficiency in two core academic disciplines. North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. June Atkinson, stated that there could be a variety of reasons for this decided drop in test scores. Among the reasons she cited were lack of resources for middle grades and lack of math textbooks. This decline is disturbing in light of the time, funding, and effort dedicated to Reading and Math under the state’s Essential Standards.

    Though the national and state news is not good, Pinnacle Classical Academy has shown tremendous achievement in Reading and Math at the middle school level. As shown in the chart below, middle school students at Pinnacle out perform their peers across the county and state in both Reading and Math by a large margin. At the state and county level, there is a trend of scores decreasing from 6th to 7th grade, however at Pinnacle this trend is reversed and students scores have actually increased. This level of achievement is the direct result of an advanced curriculum, powerful instruction, parental involvement, and hard work and dedication by our students. When viewed through a national, state, or local lens, the students at Pinnacle are achieving outstanding results.

    middle school results
    Combined Middle School Reading and Math EOG Scores 2014-2015