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    DROP OFF TIMES: Grades K-2 will begin at 7:30am. Grades 3-10 will begin at 7:30am.
    INITIAL APPLICATIONS: Applications can be dropped off between 7:30am and 4pm.
    K-DAY: Pinnacle will have kindergarten screening and orientation on Friday, March 23rd at the K-2 Campus.


Book Donations
Pinnacle Classical Academy is looking for suitable book donations. Please use the link below to view suggested Core Knowledge literature by grade level. We appreciate any book donation for your child's classroom.
Book Suggestions

Pinnacle Classical Academy will create a stimulating and nurturing environment that is conducive to learning. PCA will offer families in Cleveland County an alternative educational program for students in grades K-12.

The focus of PCA is to offer a comprehensive academic agenda utilizing educational programs and teaching methods for which there is data available that indicates evidence of success. Among the concentrations and programs to be utilized are the following:

  • Core Knowledge Sequence --a content-rich learning experience for all students.
  • Classical Education—to assist students in developing their critical thinking and logic skills.
  • STEM—a heavy emphasis on the courses in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in order to prepare students for the future workplace.
  • Cultural Arts—courses in all areas of the arts/music and an emphasis on all students experiencing the enrichment to their lives through the arts.
  • Character Education—integrity and service to others will be an overlay in the total school program.
  • 21st Century Framework and Skills – critical thinking skills in all content areas to produce globally competitive students.

Beginning in the junior year, all students will be part of a program that culminates in an Associate in Science degree from Cleveland Community College (74 credit hours). In addition, students will be able to select AP courses that allow them to potentially earn college credit beyond that awarded through the Associate in Science degree.

Parent involvement in the school will be an expectation, and various opportunities will be afforded for parents on a regular basis.

Professional opportunities for faculty will be ongoing to give teachers every opportunity to possess the tools they need to be effective classroom teachers.

Links for Learning

Core Knowledge Sequence  http://www.coreknowledge.org/sequence

International Baccalaureate  http://www.ibo.org/general/who.cfm