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    DROP OFF TIMES: Grades K-2 will begin at 7:30am. Grades 3-10 will begin at 7:30am.

PCA Mission Statement

Application Period Has Ended

Pinnacle Classical Academy’s annual application period has ended for the 2018-2019 school year. That however does NOT mean that we are not accepting applications.

What does this mean?

The end of the application period simply means that student applications received afterward, are placed on our wait list. Throughout the spring and summer our enrollment changes and students from the wait list are offered enrollment in the school.

What should I do?

If you are interested in having your student attend Pinnacle for the 2018-2019 school year, you should fill out an initial application at the link below. Initial applications are also  available at the S. Post Rd. and the Joes Lake Road campuses, as well as the link below.

Initial Application 2018-2019 

Completed initial applications may be mailed or delivered in person to either Pinnacle Classical Academy campus. Completed initial applications can also be faxed to 704-487-8616, they can also be scanned and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   


Annual Enrollment Lottery

Pinnacle will hold its annual enrollment lottery on Monday, March 12 at 6pm in the gym at the K-2 campus at 900 S. Post Rd, Shelby, NC 28152. The public is invited to attend.



Below are some important dates as we move through the 2017-2018 school year.

  • Mar 6 - PSAT 10
  • Mar 6 - PEAK Meeting at the K-2 Campus
  • Mar 12 - Lottery, 6pm in the K-2 Gym
  • Mar 13 - Spring Pictures
  • Mar 13 - Spring Pictures
  • Mar 15 -  Spring Picture Make Up
  • Mar 16 -  PEAK Luncheon (both campuses) 
  • Mar 16 - Spring Fling at K-2 Campus (5pm - 8pm)


 Charter Teacher of the Year Finalist


November 21, 2017

Shelby, N.C. – Pinnacle Classical Academy history teacher, Mr. Alex Rowe, recently reached the final phase of the Charter School Teacher of the Year process after a series of interviews and observations. Mr. Rowe is one of two finalists that will ultimately become the N.C. Charter School Teacher of the Year.

Mr. Rowe is currently in his fifth year teaching history and social studies. He joined Pinnacle Classical Academy for the 2016-2017 school year following three years at Benson Middle School in Johnston County, N.C. At Benson Middle School, Rowe taught 7th and 8th grade Social Studies and at Pinnacle Classical Academy he has taught 6th and 7th grade history, World History, AP U.S. History, AP World History, and American History I.

Mr. Rowe is a graduate of Campbell University where he majored in Political Science/Government. His road into the teaching field was different than most. He began his teaching career as a lateral entry teacher and earned his certification while teaching. Prior to going into education, Mr. Rowe worked for Social Services and for political campaigns for various candidates.

Mr. Rowe has consistently been recognized for his engaging history lessons. Far too many people think that history is simply what has happened. In Mr. Rowe’s class that old myth gets laid to rest. Some of his more engaging lessons include WWI trench warfare battle simulations, mock trials, historical role-play, and discussions such as Socratic seminars and philosophical chairs. Focus on student-centered approaches and project-based learning has been crucial in Mr. Rowe’s development as a teacher. According to Rowe, “I want my students to leave my class with a love of history and to feel like they have a leading part in their own education.”

The greatest influences in Mr. Rowe’s teaching career have been his mother and father, and a former teacher, Ms. Susan McLamb. His mother taught for 34 years and just retired this past school year. Mr. Rowe’s mother encouraged him to enter the teaching profession and has been a constant guide for him throughout his career. Rowe credits her as not only his Virgil over the years, but an incredibly inspiring teacher. Rowe’s father, the late Colonel James N. Rowe, was a POW in Vietnam and escaped after five years in captivity in a Viet-Cong prison camp. Colonel Rowe later used his experiences to develop the SERE school for Army Special Forces. Colonel Rowe was an inspiration in perseverance and leadership to Alex as well as thousands of military personnel worldwide. Colonel Rowe’s story is memorialized in the autobiographical Five Years to Freedom: The True Story of a Vietnam POW. Susan McLamb, along with his mother, were Rowe’s high school English teachers at Northwood Temple Academy, in Fayetteville, N.C. “Mrs. McLamb’s mastery of her subject and love for her students has been a constant reminder of what it means to be a teacher.”

Though Mr. Rowe has been at Pinnacle Classical Academy for only a short time, he has established himself as a leader within the school. According to Pinnacle Classical Academy Headmaster, Mr. Robert Brown, “Mr. Rowe is not only an excellent history teacher, but would be an excellent teacher in any subject he chooses. He is one of those individuals who has truly been called to teach and will not accept anything less than excellence from himself and his students. We are incredibly proud to have Mr. Rowe as a member of the Pinnacle Classical Academy family.”

Among his accomplishments, Rowe has created and advised a Student Government Association at each school at which he has taught. Mr. Rowe has also advised students who wanted to create an Anti-Bullying Club developing an anti-bullying week with speakers and events highlighting bullying awareness.


Traffic Information

K-2 Campus:

  • The cones will be moved at 3pm each day. Please do not arrive on campus prior to that time.
  • Heed the no left turn sign. Turning left causes delays and creates an unsafe environment for everyone. 
  • Follow the directions of the staff in the parking lot. Doing so will make the line faster and more efficiently.

3-12 Campus:

  • The gates do not open until 2:45 each day. Please do not arrive on campus prior to that time.
  • Please do not attempt to turn left out of either parking lot. Doing so causes delays and created an unsafe environment.
  • Follow the directions of the staff in the parking lot and heed the traffic cones that have been placed in key areas. 



At Pinnacle Classical Academy, it means an Associate in Science degree upon graduation.

November 22, 2016

Shelby, N.C. – Pinnacle Classical Academy formally announces that it has entered into a partnership with Cleveland Community College that will allow students to complete an Associate in Science degree in the College Transfer Program as part of the standard curriculum while in high school.

This innovative program is a continuing part of Pinnacle Classical Academy’s mission to provide all students with a premier college preparatory experience. Students at Pinnacle will have the opportunity to earn an Associate in Science degree through Cleveland Community College that consists of 61 hours of college credit. The Associate in Science degree program will provide all students with an incomparable college preparatory experience while remaining under the guidance and supervision of Pinnacle Classical Academy faculty and staff. According to Pinnacle Headmaster Robert Brown, “The Associate in Science degree program will provide our students with an incomparable college preparatory experience. There is no better way to prepare for the rigors of a four-year college or university than to complete a two-year degree in high school.”

The associate degree courses will be taught on the Pinnacle Classical Academy campus during the school day at no cost to parents. The 61 hours of college credit students will earn represents an average savings of over $42,000 in tuition, books, fees, and room and board at any public university in North Carolina. Completion of the degree coursework means that Pinnacle students will have already completed a number of general education requirements for a bachelor’s degree while in high school.

Pinnacle students will begin the degree program in their junior year of high school and complete the coursework in their senior year. This program is cohort-based, which means that students will take a series of prescribed and carefully sequenced courses each year. This approach ensures that all students who are successful in the coursework will complete the degree program without the need for additional courses or classroom time. Another unique feature of the Pinnacle Classical Academy program is that it does not use an internal selection process such as those that exclude a large number of students who apply. All Pinnacle students who meet state requirements will be included in this program.

Pinnacle Classical Academy students begin preparation for this program during middle school by earning high school graduation credit. By earning high school credit in middle school, it provides students with the schedule flexibility to take additional academic courses and electives that best suit their interests and needs. According to Amy Horton, parent of a current Pinnacle freshman, “My daughter will graduate from Pinnacle Classical Academy with the first graduating class in 2020 with her diploma and an associate degree. Being in a rigorous college preparatory program at Pinnacle is teaching her how to study and be successful in any college class. The higher expectations and standards are reflected in her attitude about learning.”


Gilder Lehrman

Gilder Lehrman Affiliate School

Pinnacle Classical Academy is now an affiliate school of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.

The Affiliate School Program is a unique gateway to education resources, events, and tools designed to bring American history to life in the classroom. Our network of schools connects teachers and students to valuable American history resources.

The Gilder Lehrman Collection contains more than 60,000 documents detailing the political and social history of the United States. The Collection’s holdings include handwritten letters, diaries, maps, photographs, printed books, and pamphlets ranging from 1493 through modern times.

Please see Gilder Lehrman Affiliate Program


PCA Test Scores Released!

Middle School Reading & Math Results

Kindergarten Teachers Develop NCCAT Seminar

The Kindergarten teachers at Pinnacle Classical Academy developed and submitted a project proposal for a Planning and Solutions Seminar at the NC Academy for the Advancement of Teaching (NCCAT). The proposal was selected and the Kindergarten team will be attending NCCAT in Cullowhee during the week of March 29 - April 1, 2016. Their seminar will revolve around researching, creating, and organizing interactive SmartBoard lessons to support the Kindergarten CKLA Listening and Learning strands. During the Kindergarten teachers' seminar, all lodging, meals, meeting space and the resources available on their campus will be provided free of charge.

It is an honor to have a project chosen for NCCAT and speaks very highly of the hard work and dedication that went into not only the proposal, but the entire teaching process.


What Makes Pinnacle Classical Academy Different?

At Pinnacle Classical Academy our educational philosophy is based on the three R’s – Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships. Rigorous coursework, relevant learning activities, and meaningful relationships with teachers and other staff members are all necessary to ensure that every student is successful and prepared for college. This is a bold proposition, but one that is necessary to meet the educational needs of students in a 21st century society.


The school maintains high academic expectations for all students and staff members. The standards we set for our students are designed to push them beyond the simple routines of content mastery. Students must also demonstrate the ability to apply their learning and discipline-specific thinking skills in a variety of educational contexts. This type of academic rigor pushes students well beyond what can be easily accomplished, and compels them to continually expand their levels of knowledge, understanding, and the ability to apply what they know in diverse situations.


The curriculum that Pinnacle Classical Academy utilizes is based on the idea that only through mastery of content knowledge can students become proficient at applying and utilizing what they have learned. The content knowledge and thinking skills taught at Pinnacle Classical Academy are drawn from items that are desperately needed in real-world tasks and professions. These include but are not limited to expressing knowledge and understanding in writing, working in teams to solve problems, effectively verbalizing information, conducting effective research, and thinking logically and critically in order to develop solutions. The learning opportunities provide students with practice and experiences in dealing with real-world problems in a controlled academic environment.


Not only does Pinnacle Classical Academy maintain high standards and utilize relevant content and skills, but the school also builds powerful and enduring relationships with students. The relationships that students build with adults help to ensure that they are motivated and successful in school. Through these relationships with effective instructors and other adults, students are able to meet the high expectations that are placed upon them.

Parental Partnership

Parents are a vital piece of the educational puzzle at Pinnacle Classical Academy. Education is a partnership and engaged parents are crucial to the success of students during the learning process. Pinnacle Classical Academy encourages all parents to be actively engaged in their student's learning, both at home and at school. Students with parents that are involved in their learning experience higher achievement, develop proper social skills, have a better attitude toward school and learning, and have a higher rate of graduating and attending college.


Pinnacle Classical Academy focuses on incorporating elements of classical education and research-based best practices in education to aid students in developing critical and logical reasoning skills. At Pinnacle Classical Academy, it is our goal to develop caring, productive citizens who exemplify ethical values throughout their daily lives. Integrated into all aspects of the academic curriculum will be the accepted patterns for developing lifelong learners and globally competitive students.

Pinnacle Classical Academy is located at 900 South Post Road in Shelby. This will be the school’s home during the construction of our permanent campus. The plan for a permanent home is to construct a new K-12 campus on Joe’s Lake Road, about one mile from the South Post Road location.