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Code of Conduct

Student Expectation and Code of Conduct

 A college preparatory education that prepares students to be globally competitive in the 21st century is the goal of Pinnacle Classical Academy. In order for teachers to teach and students to learn, an atmosphere conducive to learning must be consistently maintained. Accordingly, the teacher, as the recognized authority in the classroom, serves as the role model to set the expectations for student behavior. The parents, guardians, students, teachers, Headmaster, administrative and support personnel, and the Board of Directors of Pinnacle Classical Academy share responsibilities in the positive development and maintenance of disciplined behavior.  Discipline shall be maintained without the use of corporal punishment, which is prohibited at Pinnacle Classical Academy. Every student has a right to an environment that encourages learning and is free of disruption. This handbook presents guidelines on behavior and school citizenship for students that are based on policies of Pinnacle Classical Academy.


Please see current Student/Parent Handbook for more details.