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    CHAMPIONS! The PCA Thunderbirds Archery team won Elementary. and Middle School NATIONAL championships for 2019.
    VETERANS: Information on PCA's Wall of Heroes project. Wall of Heroes

Building Our School: One Day at a Time

Thank you parents, students, faculty, staff, and board members for helping to build our school one day at a time. We are learning and growing as we go each day, and with all your support we will continue to become an elite school of the future.

Our traffic plan continues to improve and flow better each and every day. We do need your assistance in a few areas listed below:

  • Please do not come to the school before 2:20 to park for dismissal. Our children are playing outside at recess until 2:40, and several cars are parked outside at 1:50.
  • When you enter the driveway and parking lot, PLEASE drive slowly. We want our children and faculty to feel safe.
  • Please do not use cell phones while driving into the school parking area or in line while waiting. This causes large gaps in traffic and greatly increases the risk of accidents.
  • Please have your child ready to exit the car. They should open doors and exit the car, and then walk toward the grass/trees and all the way to the sidewalk for safety and continued flow of traffic.
  • NEW item – all traffic must exit to the right when leaving the school during drop-off (7:30-7:55) and pick-up (2:50-3:30) times daily. This will also aid in keeping a continuous flow of traffic. We have noticed several times when traffic comes to a complete halt for several minutes when vehicles are trying to turn left onto S. Post Road.
  • All staff will leave duty at 7:55 each morning. Your child must be in the classroom ready to begin their day at 8:00. If your child is late, you must enter the office, sign your child in, and complete a tardy slip.
  • Reminder: Students who are signed out early should bring a doctor’s slip to school the next day for their early dismissal. These students must be picked up by 2:20. No students will be released from the gym after 2:20, and parents will have to go through the traffic line in order for their children to be dismissed.
  • Please do not park at the building next door to the school. We do not own that building, and only our staff has been given permission to park there.

The students will perform on September 17th at 5:00 pm. To accommodate our parents and children, students’ dress for the night will be khaki pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts and polo shirts of your choice of color (red, black, or white). All shirts must be tucked in and belts worn with pants or shorts. Please be sure your children are at school by 4:45 so the presentation can begin on time. We will begin exactly at 5:00 pm. The PEAK meeting will follow the program at 6:00. All are invited to stay for that meeting.

Our students have started working with the regular curriculum this past week. They will have homework (that is expected to be completed each night), projects, and assignments specifically designed for particular students if teachers recognize the need for additional practice in certain skills. Please work with your child daily. Teachers will be sending home suggestions for additional practice for your child if your child is below grade level. Parents are the first resource as their child’s educator, and we need all parents to fulfill that role in their partnership with the school.

Birthdays and Other Parties:

If you wish to bring store-bought cakes, cupcakes, or other treats to celebrate your child’s birthday during lunch, please contact your child’s teacher in advance so they can prepare and/or ensure the tables are available in the gym. These celebrations must end at the completion of the scheduled lunchtime.

Recognized Party Dates:

Oct. 31

Dec. 20

Feb. 14

Apr. 17

Please coordinate the celebration items (all food must be store-bought, not home-made and must take into consideration any allergies in the classroom) with your classroom teachers in advance. These celebrations will also be held during lunch times with an extension of 15 minutes, which allows 45 minutes for each. No costumes are allowed for any dates.

Volunteering Opportunities:

We are asking our teachers to create a template of days/times in which they need regular assistance. Please adhere to their schedules for assistance in the classrooms. Teachers should know that you are coming, in advance, so that instructional time is not taken away from the students in order to find a parent something to do. We are also creating a template of facility needs for those parents who wish to help maintain our facility, and PEAK will also have a template for upcoming events in which parents can volunteer. Another area in which you can volunteer is for Traffic Duty. If you want to volunteer for this function, you would need to be available the entire time in the morning (7:15-8:00) or afternoon (2:20-3:20). You will also need to complete a special volunteer form and be trained by a staff member for the position of duty. Those forms will be on the website under the Parent tab. The regular volunteer form will also be there along with the guidelines for volunteers (Volunteer Code of Conduct).

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. Together, we are building an elite school of the future that continues to make history each and every day. I appreciate all you do to ensure we grow to be the best.

Most appreciative,

Dr. Danielle Robertson