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    CHAMPIONS! The PCA Thunderbirds Archery team won Elementary. and Middle School NATIONAL championships for 2019.
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Thank You – What a Wonderful Year!

It’s hard to believe that just ten months ago, a new journey began with the opening of Pinnacle Classical Academy! If you will allow me, I would like to take a trip down memory lane and look at all the accomplishments we made together as we formed a school family.

The introduction of our staff was a main event at Gardner-Webb University.  This was a fantastic evening of getting to know our teachers and staff who believed in the mission of Pinnacle Classical Academy and were willing to invest their futures in fulfilling that mission at this new charter school. 

Before the year began, we had a prayer walk around the school, and a ribbon cutting ceremony.  Several families and friends along with teachers, board members, and community officials attended the ceremony. There was a time of fellowship and refreshments were served. 

As we opened our doors on August 26th, we welcomed students and parents as they were given the ‘red carpet’ treatment upon entering their new school for the very first time.  There was such an excitement in the air that I will never forget.  We actually were ready to build our school together. 

Oh the traffic – it is amazing how each week the flow of the traffic improved.  We appreciated your help and willingness to make this successful.  Please continue to be supportive as we move forward – and remember to always turn right!

Our first two weeks of school provided teachers time to acclimate our students to the new policies, procedures, and work ethic expected at our school.  Then the students presented what they had learned in those two weeks at a program for parents and family.

We began each morning with a morning celebration. The children had time to socialize within their groups, they did yoga and morning stretches, they sang, they had an opportunity to present something to the group, they said the Pledge, and had a moment of silence before dismissal to their classes.

Our PEAK  (Parents Encouraging Academic Knowledge) organization was formed. Such a strong and dedicated group of parent leaders along with all parents provided support beyond what we could imagine.  The Spirit Nights were awesome and provided great revenue for the school and helped to bring our school family together outside of the school and in the community. We also had two yard sales that were productive and brought out the early risers!  Thank you parents for all your support.

Sign-Up Genius became a big hit!  This electronic planner is a great tool that provides all stakeholders an opportunity to commit to volunteering for any upcoming activity where their assistance was needed.  The teachers even put up a schedule for the classrooms so parents were aware of the times the teachers could use their help on a regular basis.  Thank you to all who committed to their volunteer hours as a part of the requirement of the charter school.

Our first Fall Festival was a huge success as we invited all members of the community to participate.  Our first-ever dunking booth!  That water sure was cold for Mrs. Muller, Coach Clark, and me, but all had a good time with our children.  There were so many activities from which our children could choose and so many parents willing to take a part to ensure its success. This was a fun-filled adventure for all.

Our PCA Education Foundation held several fundraisers during the year and provided funds for classroom libraries, technology, and currently, funds for our STEM Lab for the 2014-15 school year. We truly appreciated all their financial support.

We had fall and spring pictures – and our first Yearbook is on its way!  The will be a treasure to keep forever and ever as it marks the inaugural year of the charter school and the families, staff, administration, and board members who made it all possible.

Our students had two other performances during the year.  Kindergarten through 2nd graded promoted diversity with all the celebrations throughout the world in winter program.  Then our third-fourth graders presented a program on colonial times with songs and drama.  Both were presented to a packed house of parents, family, and friends.

Our teachers and students continue to amaze us with their creativity and work displayed in the hallways throughout the year. The SMART Boards, Chrome Books, and desktop computers have allowed our students to use and become familiar with technology in so many ways.

Snow – Snow – go away!  Enough said.

Our ONECALL Now phone alert system was put into place and used as needed for the inclement weather, announcements for events, and reminders throughout the year.  Please be sure to keep your numbers updated with the office so you don’t miss anything important.

Faculty Webpages were created so parents/students would have more current information available at the click of a button.  Teachers keep the webpages updated and current throughout the year.

We began marketing our school by having students and teachers help to create brochures to give to prospective parents/students.  We had remarkable young men and ladies in the upper grades give tours to prospective parents/students and to the Lt. Governor, Dan Forest, and his family, and for Congressman Patrick McHenry.

Our students have been on field trips to see theater productions, the Greenville/Columbia zoos, the Biltmore House, the Art Museum, Discovery Place , and to Washington DC for our first ever over-night trip for three nights! This trip was so well planned by our faculty, and students and parents we enthralled with all the activities we were able to attend in such a short amount of time - in spite of the snow! Some field trips were ‘in-house’ field trips where the activities presented by Discovery Place and Kid Senses came to the students. All of these have been exciting opportunities for our students and staff.

Book Fairs – we had two Scholastic Book Fairs this year, and both were awesome.  The funds from both of these were used to put even more books into our classrooms.  I went with our lead teachers to the Scholastic Warehouse Sales on two occasions to purchase books. This way we were able to get more books for the money since the books were also on sale.

In April, we were already preparing for the next school year and holding our annual lottery for enrollment.  The amount of new parents wanting to be a part of our school was heart-warming and overwhelming.  We have made our mark in the community, and have shown that we are committed to the mission of our school and to the academic excellence of our students.  We currently have a substantial waiting list, and we continue to take initial applications.  Anyone completing an initial application will be put at the end of the current wait list.

DARE – Our fifth grade students participated in the DARE program with Deputy Brooks.  They had several weeks of training, wrote an essay, and completed several activities in class.  At the end of the program, a celebration was held. The top two students read their essays in front of a packed auditorium, and the winner was chosen by a panel of guest judges and provided awards. The ceremony continued with refreshments for all.

March was an exciting time as we introduced two new activities.  Several of our teachers committed to the Girls on the Run Program.  These teachers and students met on Mondays and Wednesdays preparing for the county run that was held May 31st at the Dover YMCA.

Kindergarten Orientation was held for our new students on April 12th.  Parents were welcomed to the school by administration and teachers, and the children went to assigned classrooms to work on fun activities.  The day was a great success, and parents showed their excitement for being a part of the school.

Spring Fling was May 2nd.  This was also another very successful event, and our PEAK members worked diligently to make it the best!  We had an Art Gallery that had student work that was auctioned off.  It was amazing to see what these children had done in such a short amount of time.  These will be treasured pieces of work to all those fortunate enough to make the bid.  Now the pie-in-the-face activity was a not so pleasant experience, but entertaining for the children.  The things we do for our students!  :)

Field Day was all the buzz in May.  T-Shirts were created and sold in advance. We have so many activities; face-painting, water slide, blow-up obstacle course, hoola-hoops, beach volleyball, etc. and of course the climbing wall!  This was one of my favorites, and yes, I made it to the top – I believe he said I was the first principal he ever had climb the wall!  :)

EOG Testing – although we don’t know the results yet, I know for a fact that our teachers put all their hearts into teaching your children this year.  They did not teach to a test, they taught the curriculum and the rich domains of Core Knowledge, they taught science using Tech Books and hands-on activities, they taught math using strong foundational skills and models, they taught character and higher-order thinking by making children discuss their differences and how to get along – to make decisions that were in the best interest of all, and they taught them how to be creative and think outside of the box for solutions. They taught them life skills that will forever be instilled in their minds as they move forward, and for that I am very proud.

Thank you for allowing me to be your Headmaster this year. I have truly enjoyed this role and being able to open this wonderful new school. Next year will hold different responsibilities for me as the new structure takes place, and I have a different role as CEO of the school.  Although I will not be participating in the day-to-day activities of the school, my door will always be open to you. 

Most appreciative,

Dr. Robertson