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    Kindergarten Screening "K Day" has been cancelled.

Traffic Update

The first two days of school have been very productive, and we appreciate your help and patience as we make the flow better each day.  Below are some important reminders that will assist us so that all children are safe during morning and afternoon drop-off and pick-up.

Please do not come to the school before 2:25 to park in the back to wait for dismissal (we have children outside playing in the back until 2:30).  The cones will be moved from the driveway at 2:25 - so please watch for them to be moved before you enter into the driveway. We can not have cars blocking the entrance or the road. 

Please be sure your car rider tag is up and visible.  If you do not have your tag, you must park and go inside to verify you are able to pick up the children.  This is for the safety of everyone's children.

Please remember if your child has to exit or enter the car on the passenger side, you must put your car in park, go around and escort the child to/from the vehicle.

Please remember to not text or use cell phones while parking in the holding area - please watch for directions and movement of vehicles. 

If you are parking to walk in your children, do not walk through the holding area of traffic. You must walk around to the very end of the parking area,  and walk down the sidewalk by the greenhouse. Then wait until traffic personnel direct you to walk up toward the front of the school - staying on the right side of traffic. Walk all the way to the traffic personnel with the STOP sign, and she will direct you when to cross over to the sidewalk. 

While waiting in the holding area of the parking lot, please turn your vehicles off. 

Thank you for all you do to help us keep all children safe.

Dr. Robertson