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    CHAMPIONS! The PCA Thunderbirds Archery team won Elementary. and Middle School NATIONAL championships for 2019.
    VETERANS: Information on PCA's Wall of Heroes project. Wall of Heroes

Employment Opportunities

At Pinnacle Classical Academy, we look for both skill and fit in our application process. That is, we want intelligent, talented, caring, passionate, and skilled teachers and administrators, and we also want candidates who will be comfortable and successful at Pinnacle Classical Academy.

If you feel that you have the knowledge and skills to be a PCA team member and feel that you would fit well with the mission, curriculum, and systems of the school, please take the time to check the job board and complete an application. Submit your application along with your letter of interest to:

Robert Brown, Headmaster

Pinnacle Classical Academy

2401 Joes Lake Rd

Shelby, NC 28152



Please see our job board at the following NC School Jobs link.


You will need to create an account in order to be able to apply. You can create an account via the following link.


Please check the Pinnacle Job Board on NC School Jobs throughout the year as openings will be posted as they occur.

Below are our normal applications.


Teacher Assistant (including support staff)


Applications will be kept on file for the current school year. A new application will be required if you wish to reapply for a following school year.



Pinnacle Classical Academy is currently in need of quality substitute teachers for elementary and middle school grade levels. Please download and complete the application below. Please mail your completed application to Pinnacle Classical Academy, 900 S. Post Rd., Shelby, N.C. 28152.

Substitute Teacher

Thank you so much for your interest in Pinnacle Classical Academy!


Why Teach at Pinnacle Classical Academy:

There are over one hundred charter schools and over one hundred school districts in the state. You could teach for any one of them, so what makes Pinnacle Classical Academy such an attractive option for an educational professional?

Freedom to Teach

At Pinnacle Classical Academy, our teachers are given the opportunity to actually teach the curriculum. The school day is designed so that teachers are given maximum classroom time for instruction without the all-too-common interruptions for assessments or having students pulled out numerous times during the day.

An Advanced Curriculum

At Pinnacle Classical Academy, we utilize the Hirsch Foundation’s Core Knowledge content-based curriculum in ELA, Reading, Social Studies and Science; for mathematics we utilize Singapore Math. In addition, at Pinnacle we emphasize STEM through a dedicated STEM Lab, along with cultural arts and 21st century skills.

Parental Support

At Pinnacle Classical Academy we have incredible parental support. Our parents are genuinely involved in the education of their children and have a vested interest in the success of the school. Parent volunteers, our parent organization PEAK (Parents Encouraging Academic Knowledge), and the dedication of the parents of all students truly helps Pinnacle stand apart.

A Collegial Atmosphere

The teachers at Pinnacle Classical Academy have developed a saying, “We are family.” This motto is demonstrated on a daily basis throughout the school. Teachers work together to ensure student success and achievement, and teachers work together to build each other up. Many schools talk about developing Professional Learning Communities, but at Pinnacle our teachers live up to that vision.

Opportunities to Grow as a Professional

One thing that most teachers crave is the opportunity to grow. At Pinnacle Classical Academy we believe that not only should each student reach their potential, but teachers should as well. Through professional development, mentoring, and opportunities to expand knowledge and skills, teachers at Pinnacle have the ability to grow in the profession and take an active role in teacher-leadership.

A Growing and Flourishing School

Pinnacle Classical Academy is the only charter school in Cleveland County. Since opening in the fall of 2013, the surrounding community has embraced the school and its mission. The school has experienced continuous growth, and is on-schedule to add one grade each year until the school is K-12.

Pinnacle Classical Academy is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate  on the basis of age, handicap, national origin, race, religion, or gender.