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    Uniform & Dress Code

    PCA Uniform Expectations and What is Not Acceptable Clothing Options

    Students must present a modest, clean, and neat appearance at all times, including free dress days, and regular school days. All clothing must be clean, appropriately sized, and worn correctly. Pants/shorts/skorts must be worn at the waist, shirts must be buttoned and tucked in, shoes must be tied or fastened, clothing must be worn right-side-out, appropriate undergarments must be worn, etc. Clothing shall not be excessively worn or have holes. Uniforms are to be of appropriate size – not oversized or undersized.

    No “low-riding” of pants or shorts will be allowed. No sweatshirt “hoodies” will be allowed inside or outside. Rain jackets with hoods or heavy outerwear with hoods can be worn outdoors but must be removed inside the school building.


    All shirts/sweaters must be purchased from an approved vendor. Approved vendors include: Norris Merchandise, Casper’s Closet and frenchtoast.com

    • White Camp shirt (Peter Pan/blouse) or Oxford Shirt
    • White, black or red polo shirt-mandatory embroidery
    • White, black or red button up or pullover sweater-mandatory embroidery
    • White, black or red cardigan-mandatory embroidery
    • Black V-neck sweater vest-mandatory embroidery
    • White, black or red sweatshirts-mandatory embroidery

    Shirts must remain tucked in at all times while on campus or attending any off campus school activities.

    Knit shirts, Oxford shirts or camp shirts must be worn underneath sweatshirts and sweaters with the collar pulled out. Other shirts must not be visible under the waist of the sweatshirt.


    Shorts, Pants, Scooters, & Jumpers

    All shorts, pants, scooters, and jumpers must be purchased from an approved vendor. Approved vendors include: Norris Merchandise, Casper’s Closet and frenchtoast.com.

    • Khaki or black shorts or pants
    • Khaki, black or plaid scooters *
    • Khaki, black, & plaid jumpers *
    • Safari dress and jumpers for K-5

    *Plaid items are only available through Casper’s Closet and Norris Merchandise.

    Skorts, scooters, jumpers, and shorts may not be shorter than 3” above the knee.

    Shorts must be worn under uniform dresses


    Coats and Jackets

    Coats and jackets may be purchased at one of the approved vendors or at a store of your choice. Coats and jackets should be solid red or solid black. They may have a small logo in school colors not greater than 1 1/2 inches. This can include monogrammed initials.

    Coats and jackets should not have sleeves with stripes, other markings, or colors. Solid black jackets that have a red zipper, or solid red jackets that have a black zipper are permitted.

    PCA Letter Jackets available from Bradley’s Sporting Goods and the school approved sports jacket available from Norris Merchandise is also approved. This sport jacket has a mixture of red, black, and white and can have any of our approved school logos or athletic logos embroidered.

    Heavy winter coats or rain jackets with hoods shall be removed during the school day for security purposes. Heavy winter coats shall be removed during the school day.

    Sweatshirt “Hoodies” cannot be worn to school. No hooded clothing shall be worn indoors at anytime for security purposes.

    High School Letter Jackets may be purchased from Bradley's Sporting Goods. The Letter must be earned and awarded by the school. These Jackets may be worn with or without the letter awarded from the school but a jacket with a non-official letter, a letter that has not been earned and awarded by the school, may NOT be worn to school.


    Socks & Accessories

    All socks and accessories may be purchased at one of the approved vendors or at a store of your choice.

    • Socks – Solid white, solid red, solid black or white with school plaid trim. A small logo is permitted, not to exceed 1" -must be worn daily
    • Tights - Solid red, solid white or solid black tights. 6th-12th grade may wear flesh colored stockings.
    • Leggings - Solid black leggings can be worn under skorts or dresses
    • Belts - Solid black or plaid belt -must be worn daily
    • Jewelry must be school colors (red, white, or black) or gold, brass or silver tones.
    • Earrings should be limited to 2 pair and not greater than 1” in length. No other body piercings are permitted.
    • Hats, scarves, and gloves may be any combination of red, black and/or white. They must be removed during the school day except for religious reasons.
    • Undershirts must have short sleeves and may be white or the appropriate color may be worn under the same colored shirt (ie. black under black). Long sleeve shirts may not be worn under polos.
    • Cosmetics should be modest.
    • Purses may be any combination of school colors
    • Hair - Students may not wear mohawks, spikes or similarly unusual hairstyles.
    • Hair may not cover the eyes.
    • Hair accessories must be school colors only (red, black, or white).
    • Blankets, pillows, and wraps may not be brought to school.



    All shoes may be purchased at one of the approved vendors or at a store of your choice.

    • Athletic shoes are required on gym days. Athletic shoes must have soft soles and be any combination of black red and white.
    • A small accent logo of silver or gray is permitted. We recommend that Logos are as small as possible.
    • Dress shoes should be soft soled, and be any combination of black red and white. Heels may not be over 1” high.
    • Students may not wear sandals, flip-flops, clogs, Crocs, Toe-Shoes, mules or boots.
    • Shoes must be kept clean and polished, as needed. Shoes must completely cover the foot, must be securely tied at all times and must fit properly.


    Backpacks & Lunch Bags

    All backpacks and lunch bags may be purchased at one of the approved vendors or at a store of your choice.

    • Backpacks and lunch bags must be school colors in any combination of red, black, and white. No characters are permitted. Any logos must be school colors and blend in with the backpack. (Subject to Headmaster’s/Deans’ discretion.)
    • Parents may choose to have student’s initials put on backpacks or lunch boxes for easy identification. It is not advised to put students’ full names on book bags for safety purposes as these items are also used off school grounds. Backpacks, lunch boxes and purses should not have inappropriate writing, dangling keys, key chains and/or chains.
    • Rolling book bags are not permitted unless there is a documented medical reason.


    Spirit Wear

    Spirit Wear is any clothing item with one of our official sports or clubs logos.

    • Spirit Wear / Official Athletic Apparel is not appropriate for daily school wear and does not meet dress code requirements.
    • Spirit Wear/ Official Athletic Apparel may be worn on designated spirit days or when jacket items, similar to other school approved jackets, are permitted to be worn indoors.


    Field Trip Attire

    The uniform code remains in place for all field trips. The Administration may make exceptions to outerwear and shoes based on weather conditions. The parents of a student participating in the field trip, will be notified by the teacher of dress expectations and needs during school outings.


    Special Performance Attire

    T-shirts or any special clothing item that has been approved by the uniform committee for Band, Choir, or any other school club or activity shall not be considered appropriate daily school attire. The items are approved only for the specific function they were designed for. These items may be worn on uniform 'free days.'


    Approved Vendors & Embroidery

    Approved Vendor Information

    Local Approved Embroidery Companies

    Norris Merchandise
    2011 South Lafayette Street
    Shelby, NC 28152
    Phone: (704) 482-8464
    Fax: (704) 482-8478

    French Toast (Use School Code:QS5IJGE)       
    Phone: (800) 373-6248
    Fax: (888 )296-4966

    Casper’s Closet (Apluseveryday)
    2270 U.S. 74 Alt,
    Forest City, NC 28043
    (828) 245-7715
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Bradley’s Screen Printing*
    2522 W Dixon Blvd
    Shelby, NC 28152
    (704) 484-2077


    The Sewing Center
    937 S. Morgan St.
    Shelby, NC  28152
    (704) 484-0977


    *Letter Jacket Vendor