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New Charter Laws Take Effect in NC

House Bill 250, signed by Governor McCrory on July 26, enacts more Goals set by the Alliance alongside newly enacted SB337.  The NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools began its efforts in early 2010  to bring a number of needed improvements to the original charter law of 1996.  Sponsored by House members Hardister, Brandon, Stam, and Lambeth, H250  has been signed by the Governor and is now law.

Expands Siblings: The old law created uncertainty in the definition of siblings when it came to admissions in the lottery process.  Rigid interpretation of the old law seemed to disallow step-brothers and step-sisters as siblings.  Also foster children living in a home with other children were also disallowed.  The new law includes all of these children to be eligible under the term “sibling” when a charter board sets up its policies for lotteries.   

Employee Preference Equity: The old law allowed only the principal and teachers’ children to be given preference in the lottery.  The new law allows the charter school’s board to adopt broader, fairer  policies for including the children of any full-time employee.

Assured Grade Expansion: A charter school can now expand its school by adding the next higher grade without having to seek permission from the State Board.

Enrollment Increase: A charter school can now increase its enrollment in accordance with its approved charter without a second approval by the State Board.

Please note that S337 went through over nine revisions with numerous amendments, and H250 had over five major revisions.  Each change required scrutiny to ensure that charter interests were protected at each step of the legislative process.

These initiatives urged by the NC Alliance for Public Charter Schools are another strong win for our schools.  As a Chair of a 2013 Charter School, Pinnacle Classical Academy in Shelby, NC, I assure you I have our best interest in the forefront of every piece of legislation. http://www.ncleg.net/Sessions/2013/Bills/House/PDF/H250v7.pdf